Turn the Interview in Your Favor

September 29, 2021

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Turn your attention to So You Think You Want to Work in HR? the Podcast because joining me on this episode of the podcast is, Lisa Walsh.

Lisa, a Partner at Meritarc, delivers exceptional business outcomes through a deep understanding of client needs and how to solve unique challenges.

She develops talent through proven strategies. and has over 20 years of HR experience, including roles as Head of U.S. HR for Scotiabank, SVP of Leadership Development at Bank of America Merrill Lynch along with a variety of global HR roles at CIBC and Deutsche Bank.

Lisa is Hogan Assessment Certified and was inducted into the YWCA of the City of New York, Academy of Women Leaders.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The benefits of turning your interview into a conversation
  • How to step into a leadership position
  • What it means to get paid for what you know
  • How Walsh navigates being the only person in the room like her
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Turn the Interview into a Conversation

The goal of the interview is to get the job. You want to prepare and ensure you present yourself the best way you can. However, don't allow yourself to invite worry into the process. The best person who knows you and your skill set is you! You will surprise yourself and find that you can talk about your passions naturally - even when nervous.

Walsh and I recommend turning your interview into a conversation. You can do this by being curious about the interviewer's experience with the company and their team, sharing anecdotes featuring your skill sets, and engaging the questions with a natural flow by relating your current answers to something you or the interviewer has said previously.

By conversing with the panel or interviewer, everyone in the room will feel more at ease, allowing your abilities to shine. Additionally, your conversation will stand out among the other interviews being considered.

Turn Your Individual Contribution into Leadership

Yes, trial and error learning benefits someone in many instances even in the workforce. Yet, when desiring to move into a leadership position, this may not be the best way to learn.

What actions would be more effective? Walsh offers five actions to be considered:

  • Career coaching
  • Informal mentorship
  • Experimental project work
  • Formal mentorship programs
  • Consider lateral moves within your journey

Career coaching accelerates the career of ambitious goal getters. Career transitions are not easy. A career coach recognizes all the nuances of what it takes to truly succeed, shares her expertise, and gets to know you so you can play to your strengths. A professional who understands the feelings and frustrations that arise when searching for the right role provides just the security and encouragement needed.

Navigate Being the Only One Like You in the Room

Walsh pulls back the curtain and lets listeners into her background, childhood, and how her parents instilled a confidence in her to be proud of who she was and accepting of others.

She continues to encourage those navigating being the only one like themselves in the room to rely on being forthright and influencing with authority, information, and data verses emotions or aggression.

By reading the room, presenting her influence with authority and data, and maintaining an approachable demeanor, Walsh found empowerment and success in moving her ideas forward. Please listen to the full episode to hear her own experience.

No matter where you come from, showing up prepared is important.


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