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Even the greatest sports pros of all time have a coach, so should you! 

I'll come alongside you on your career journey and i'll be there to support you every step of the way

- S. Brown.

"I talk to all my hr Colleagues about you! You are truly a career asset."

Career transitions are not easy. Whether you are looking to break into HR for the first time or you are looking to pivot into a new HR role, it can be a daunting undertaking that can be even harder if you are going through it alone.

Sure you have family and friends who can support you through the process. But as much as they want to be there for you, they may not understand the feelings and frustrations that come along with being in an unfulfilling job or searching for the right role.
They also may not understand the nuances of working in Human Resources and what it takes to truly succeed as an HR Professional.

As your career coach, I'll take the time to get to know you, your career goals, your values, and your strengths. I'll share my expertise and unbiased advice on job search and career advancement strategies.

We will collaborate on the development of your resume and LinkedIn profile optimization and I will be a text message or phone call away, should you need guidance and support at any point during your career transition.

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playing SMALL in your career. You're ready to elevate to the next level.

are you tired of...

underpaid and undervalued, like you have aren't maximizing your full potential?

do you feel...

to land a fulfilling role that also aligns with your values, strengths, and  talents?

do you want...

- N. McCoy.

"I am starting a new job that neither one of us envisioned, but with your mentoring, encouragement, and keen sense of what the future could hold, I accepted the offer with great excitement knowing with you just a phone call away I can indeed tackle anything"

Values inventory and CliftonStrengths® assessment and to explore what is important to you and what makes you unique

60 - 90 minute detailed debrief of CliftonStrengths® assessment and values inventory

60 - 90 minute deep dive interview session to identify relevant experience and accomplishments

Customizable cover letter and professionally written resume, tailored to your target role(s)

60 - minute LinkedIn® profile optimization coaching with guidance on how to leverage the platform

60 - minute interview "prep" talk, including identifying stories to illustrate influence and impact 

Up to 120 days of career Q & A, guidance, and support via phone, text message, and/or e-mail, as needed for general career coaching/development support

Accelerate Your Career


In addition to the intangible transformation my clients receive as a result of working with me, my clients typically land job offers within 45 - 60 days, and an average base salary increase of $21,500*.

A 1,287% Return on Investment (ROI).

 Note: This does not include additional compensation such as paid time off, sign-on or discretionary bonus potential, equity, or stock options.

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What will it cost you NOT to invest in yourself?

Payment plan available.  


Career Coaching Package


- L. Anderson 

"I don't know how you can put a price tag on the work that you do because you literally change people's lives."

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*This is an average of all of my clients' job offers and salary increases and not a guarantee that every client will achieve the same results.