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You got into HR because you wanted to help people, you wanted to make a difference. I get it. I have proudly worn my HR Superhero badge of honor for over 15 years, yet I often didn't get the support that I needed. The reality is, the person who's been there for everyone else also needs someone to be there for them.

That is where I come in. I am a 4X certified HR Pro turned HR Pro Career Coach and I help talented individuals like you stand out from the competition with a custom professionally written resume that accurately conveys your unique value and tells your career story in a clear, concise, and compelling way.

My clients come to me for a resume but they leave with so much more. Through our work together, you will gain more clarity, confidence, and the courage to pursue roles that align with your values, strengths, and natural talents.

I'm Ricklyn Woods.

Certified HR Pro | Career Coach | Resume Writer



Client Success

"You not only assisted with my resume, but you also kept me motivated when there were many no's by reaching out and asking how i was doing and coaching me for interviews. Thank you!"

- V. Wyrick

"By helping me develop my resume, I landed a job that I am really excited about! my resume is now truly a reflection of my professional attributes. ricklyn provided more than a resume. she took the time to learn about my interests, skills, and experience. She helped me better focus my job search goals and to get clear about my passion."

- K. Nate

- S. Hoskins

"Working with ricklyn, we were able to dig past my anxiety and nerves about the job search process and I developed the confidence I needed to succeed in interviews. This newfound confidence will continue as i begin my new position!"

"before working with ricklyn, i was stuck. I was trying to break into another field and didn't know how to position myself. I gained an immense amount of insight. she helped me realize my strengths and talents which drastically changed my job search and outlook. my interviews were less of a struggle, i narrowed down key roles based on my experience and where i wanted to go, i listened to my gifts and landed two roles that aligned with the life that i want!"

- P. Walsh

"The design alone made me smile! It looks amazing!! the way you worded everything too. you think you know yourself, but it does take an outside perspective to put everything in place."

- P. Foster

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