Are You Ready for an Uprise in HR?

October 6, 2021

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I'm Ricklyn — Career Coach for HR Professionals. I'm here to help you elevate your career.

Meet Ricklyn

Are you ready for an HR uprise? Two HR professionals who are described as "for the people" by those who know them discuss the realities of corporate HR and their visions to structure HR differently.

Rebecca Weaver is the Founder and CEO of HRuprise, a marketplace and community that connects people with HR coaches to help them grow, develop, and navigate their toughest workplace challenges.

After 20 years of working in HR, Rebecca grew frustrated with just how much is stacked in favor of the company, including the role of HR. Her experience has run the gamut, from well-established companies like Target and Home Depot, to experimental companies like Tony Hsieh's Downtown Project.

Rebecca created HRuprise to level the playing field for employees, providing HR that works for employees, rather than the company.

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Ready for A Different Focus

"How many times have I been a part of creating this environment for other people?"

Doing HR differently to Weaver means people understand she has a practical, people oriented focus, and honest approach. Weaver desires for every HR department to stand for the employees rather than the company. Through her own experiences of discrimination and the many stories of which she is aware, Weaver accepts her role - as an HR professional - within the hurtful system and is working to change it.

"There is such a hunger for a different way of operating within companies.
We need a different structure."

Please tune in to hear Weaver's full story and motivation behind her work.

Ready for A Different Primary Job

"That was the realization for me that HR's primary job is to protect the company."

Weaver has heard many stories from those who feel burned by HR. She feels as though the conversation is not being had enough - what is HR's primary job? Some say the role of HR is to protect the culture, others the company, and yet, HR people truly desire to help people. Remember, the number one answer for "Why do you want to work in HR?" is "I want to help people!"

The conversation Weaver wants to have is not about defending or 'villainizing' HR. In fact, she says neither of these things is her goal. She simply desires for everyone to be more honest.

Valuing The Advice You Give

If you've been in HR for a while - and your family & friends are aware of it - you may have been the 'phone a friend' HR advisor for a few of them. Everyone loves free advice, but are people willing to pay for it? Can you value the advice you give?

Weaver says yes! People in crisis situations or desiring to learn more have turned to her business to understand their options as well as what questions they should be asking their company.

When you do mission driven work and are intent on making an impact and in helping people, that's when opportunities come that you didn't even expect. The money will follow.


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