Speaking Out and Using Your Voice as an HR Leader

April 21, 2021

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I'm Ricklyn — Career Coach for HR Professionals. I'm here to help you elevate your career.

Meet Ricklyn

This week, Ricklyn chats to Tracie Sponenberg, the Chief People Officer of The Granite Group, a wholesale distributor with nearly fifty locations across New England. She has spent her career working with CEOs to align people & business strategies, working in industries like publishing, health and wellness, and professional services. Formerly a paper-pushing, compliance-driven HR person, she became a people-first business leader several years ago and has since made it a mission to help others do the same, through speaking around the globe, co-founding DisruptHRNH and HRRebooted, and writing daily short LinkedIn blogs. A bookworm & introvert, several years ago started getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and it changed her life for the better.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How a psychology degree can inform your work as an HR professional
  • How to leverage social media to speak out and use your voice


Season 1 Episode 10


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