Balancing the Interests of the Organization and Employee

April 7, 2021

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In today’s episode, we chat with Rebecca Edwards, a dual senior certified, award-winning HR professional. After 20 years of in-house HR, she launched Infinite HR of Charlotte as a comprehensive HR consulting firm committed to implementing best practices while maintaining the delicate balance between the interests of organizations and their employees. Having successfully navigated within small, medium, and large organizations in corporate, non-profit, and government sectors from coast to coast – her HR knowledge and skillset are workplace-tested and proven.

Rebecca’s outstanding HR practices garnered her the Charlotte Business Journal’s Best in HR award and led to her membership on the distinguished Forbes HR Council for senior-level executives. To date, she has penned over a dozen published contributions for Forbes.com, including three featured articles.

Join the conversation as we chat about the benefits of informational interviews, how you can maintain the delicate balance between the interests of the organization and the employee, and managing tricky employee relations.

Connect with our guest:

LinkedIn: Rebecca Edwards, SPHR

Website: www.infinitehrofcharlotte.com



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