A Growth Mindset is Essential as an HR Professional

June 9, 2021

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I'm Ricklyn — Career Coach for HR Professionals. I'm here to help you elevate your career.

Meet Ricklyn

This week, Ricklyn welcomes Michelle Raymond, an HR Specialist, and Trainer, Visibility Strategist, Certified Master NLP Practitioner and award-winning International TEDx Speaker on a mission to make the inVisible Visible. As CEO and Founder of The People’s Partner, an HR and Coaching Consultancy that provides inclusive training solutions, Michelle is also a champion of diversity and inclusion. Her team of experts supports organizations in building inclusive leadership and cultures, often uncovering both conscious and unconscious racial bias that exists in the work environment. Michelle has become a respected and in-demand business coach, keynote speaker and has been featured in People Management, HR Grapevine, The Guardian, Housekeeping Magazine, The BBC and Sky TV.  Clients have included household global brands such as Amazon and MAC Cosmetics.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why strong listening skills are important
  • How to show business leaders where your value is as an HR leader by saving money
  • How to navigate starting your own business whilst working for an employer


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