I'll Write It for you!

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of writing your own resume?

If so, it is perfectly okay. Even the most experienced HR professional can use help writing their own resume. Besides, have you ever heard of a surgeon operating on themselves? Or do you know of an attorney that has represented themselves?

The challenge with representing yourself, or in this case writing about yourself, is that it is often difficult to capture all of the things you've accomplished that make you stand out amongst the competition. 

Many of my clients downplay their experience and accomplishments. Oftentimes, the work they do is so routine and comes to naturally to them that they don't acknowledge the value of their contributions and the impact that it made.

Another issue that complicates the resume writing process is deciphering all of the conflicting information about what makes a good resume.

Do you need a summary? If so, what should be included in the summary?

Do I need to add keywords? If so, what are the best key words to use?

I heard I need to tailor my resume for the job. How do I do that?

I heard my resume should only be 1 page. Is that true?

How do I get past the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) robot? Should I even be worried about that?

How do I deal with employment gaps or having short stints at a company?

All great questions!

I'll take the guess work out of it and write your resume for you!

And, I'll even provide you with some resources to help you get the most out of your resume and jump-start your job search!

Just Need aResume?  

60 - 90 minute deep dive interview session to identify relevant experience and accomplishments

Professionally written targeted resume and cover letter that can be tailored specific positions*

2 Rounds of revisions, so that you feel that the resume represents what you do and who you are

Guidance on how to tailor your resume to specific positions of interest

7 - 10 day turn around time. Expedited service available for additional fee.

*I personally do the research and write your resume and DO NOT outsource it to a 3rd party.

Jump-Start Your Job Search


Many of my clients had been applying for jobs for months without much success.

Once they began applying with a professionally written resume, they landed interviews within a week of submitting applications.

Not sure if a professional resume is worth the cost? Have you ever heard of opportunity cost? What will it cost you NOT to invest in yourself?


Resume Package


- F. Ruzehaji

"I sent out my new resume and the first company I sent it out to already reached out to me within a week to scheudle an interview...she helped highlight my relevant skills on my resume to stand out as a candidate and provided me with the resources to propel my career path forward."

Not sure if you need a professionally written resume?

Perhaps you can do it yourself, with some guidance!

Let's start with a Career Strategy Session!

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